An important message from the board...

Dear Bulldog Families:

We, the executive board, wanted to address the rumors and speculation surrounding the football uniform situation that occurred this season.  

The organization retained Varsity Teez to provide our uniform jerseys and pants in April of 2019.  The vendor, at the time of retention, represented to us that in addition to our white home jersey, we could get another black jersey for away games for a small, additional fee.  We decided to get the second jersey as a bonus/surprise for the football players.  The price of the registration did not increase to reflect the additional expense of the second black jersey.  As the jamboree approached, the vendor began to become vague about delivery dates despite promising the organization the uniforms in a six to eight week delivery period.  As all of you know, there was a delay in receiving both the jerseys and the football pants.  When we finally did receive the order, weeks late, the order was incomplete with some players not having jerseys and other not having jerseys and pants.  We did not receive the complete order of black jerseys and game pants until Week Nine which was our homecoming game.   During this time, we were working diligently to obtain the overdue order but were met with excuses and empty promises by the vendor.  

The white jerseys, originally intended to be our main, home jersey, were not delivered until the evening prior to the homecoming game (week nine).  Despite his representations of the order being complete, there was not a full and correct order of white jerseys with sizes and numbers missing.  

We are currently in the process of bringing a lawsuit against the vendor, Varsity Teez, for breach of contact.  We cannot distribute the white jerseys that were delivered as that would constitute acceptance of an incomplete order and compromise our position in the pending litigation.  Once the litigation is concluded, the executive board will make a decision regarding the distribution of the white jerseys if they are still in our possession.  At this time, no action will be taken. 

Since the registration price was not increased from season 2018 to season 2019, there was no extra charge to parents for the second jersey that was not produced by the vendor until the end of the season.  As such, there will be no refunds given to parents for the cost of the white jersey since there was no extra paymentmade by parents for that extra, second jersey.  Azalea paid in full for the cost of both the black and white jerseys and the cost paid for the white jerseys is the subject of the litigation against the vendor. 

We hope that this letter clarifies the ongoing struggle Azalea has had this season with this vendor.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by the delay in receiving the player uniforms and assure you, as our Bulldog family, we will not be using this vendor again.   


The Executive Board